Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rebirth in our New Flesh!

This blog, once used for my old Wounded Gaia setting and then for the City on the Ice-Choked Sea setting for LotfP (which is now on hold), now sees its second rebirth - this time to house my new setting for the Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS), a new quasi-D&D ruleset perfect for world-building and adventuring over varied power levels.

This is my new campaign setting for the Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS), which I've pre-ordered in hardcopy along with its Player's Companion and for which I already have the PDF. It is set in a northern realm of a world in the throes of an ice age, inspired by my previous Wounded Gaia attempts but liberally re-interpreted to suit ACKS. The above map is the preliminary campaign map, 32x32 hexes with each hex being 24 miles across. So far I've only marked the capitols on it; later I'll add smaller cities as well (though, as per ACKS, small towns won't be shown on such a large-scale map).

Note that Dwarven domains get Germanic-sounding names while Human realms get Russian-sounding realms; these are approximations for the Human language (which is a bit similar to Russian) and the Dwarven tongue. Slavic and Nordic myth will be a major source of inspiration for this setting - expect a lot of fey (both Neutral - the Seelee and Chaotic - the Unseelee).

Also note that flora, fauna and climate follow (in rough terms) Earth's latest Glacial Period - mammoths (some tamed by nomads!), sabertooth cats, auruchs, woolly rhinos, cave bears, dire wolves and so on in addition to more mundane beasts such as grizzly bears, horses and sheep.

The main religion in this lands is the worship of Svarog, a Lawful quasi-monotheistic god, originally a Dwarven world-forging smith-god and now the main Lawful god of Humanity as well. The older Human faith is in the Zoriya - the three Neutral goddesses of twilight, midnight and dawn; some Humans still worship them. Chaos has a larger number of deities, such as Koschei the Lich God, Marzanna the Frost Goddess, and Chernobog the High Lord of Chaos.

More to come. Stay tuned!

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