Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to Wounded Gaia!

"During the Age of Blossom, Nature's bounty was abundant, and the fields and orchards flourished. Civilization, too, has blossomed: mighty and magnificent empires of Men, Dwarves and Spirits grew out of the many kingdoms of the North; culture, philosophy, art, magic and the crafts reached unprecedented heights; and many new, wondrous machines were invented to make the lives of Men and Dwarves easy.

But then came Winter. Suddenly, in the middle of the springs three hundred years ago, thick clouds gathered at night and showered snow. The Decade Without Summer followed, a horrible time of frost when the rapidly-growing glaciers and mountains of snow buried the great cities of the North. The Northern fields, once yielding fertile crops, withered and died in the unending winter, bringing widespread famine - the harbinger of civilization's fall. Strange creatures, once trapped in the frozen edges of the North, now roamed freely among frozen cities and frost-choked farms.

But not all was lost. The South, once dry and arid, has enjoyed heavy rains, giving rise to new forests and fertile lands where sparse woods and dry steppes have once existed. There, south of the edge of the continent-spanning glaciers, the remnants of Men and Dwarves found refuge from the howling winter blizzards and the savage, furry beasts of the once-glorious North. Even then, these survivors were tattered, mere shadows of the former civilization. And strange new creatures, unknown before, roamed the countryside, spreading terror and fear. Even nature, once bountiful, has taken a dark, cold twist. Soon, a barbaric new Dark Age took hold, an age where the sword reigned once more.

And you, adventurers, are sons and daughters of that age, out to reclaim the remnants of the glorious past, slay the beasts that guard them, and maybe even restore a little bit of the lost splendor."

On this blog I will post my developing fantasy setting, Wounded Gaia, set in the aftermath of the Decade Without Summer and the Frozen Age that followed. It is intended to be played using the fantasy "retro-clone" RPG, Swords & Wizardry: White Box.

Welcome aboard!

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